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So you’ve decided to sell your home. This is no easy feat for an untrained person to take on. Selling your own home takes an immense amount of time and effort.  When you call on me for assistance with selling a house, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much simpler it suddenly seems to become. Before you consider selling a house in Oklahoma single-handedly (which is nearly impossible), ask yourself if you are going to have the time needed to sell your house – even if you just cover the basics. A professional realtor is your best option for selling quickly and hassle-free.


How To Sell Your Home Fast

The time it takes for a house to sell is, quite honestly, unpredictable. However, what I can guarantee you is the very best resources and showcasing skills, along with the attention and precious time that it takes to focus and meet your goals. I will take the guesswork out of the huge task of selling a house and make planning for a sell much smoother. In a snap, I can complete an extensive research of local market conditions, including:


  • the listing and selling price of all houses in your area for the last six months
  • the listing price of houses currently on the market
  • the listing prices of houses that were on the market but did not sell


We will then put together a marketing plan. After that, I’ll keep you updated on potential buyers until the deal is officially closed.  Getting the results you have been waiting on is as simple as reaching out to me. When you are interesting in selling a house, call me at 405-831-6463 .

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