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Time and time again I have proven that the right homes CAN be found at the right price. My knowledge of the market is unmatched, and I am excited to show you how your life can be improved by new surroundings.

Beth Atkinson Real Estate Service

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I can assure you, anyone that I choose to work hand-in-hand with is expected to be a strict professional such as myself. The lenders, investigators, and designers that cross my path are held to my highest expectations.

Beth Atkinson Real Estate Service

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Reaching goals and changing lives is the most rewarding part of being a realtor. My clients continue to return because they can trust me to get results. I would love to add you to my long list of loyal clients.

Oklahoma Is My Home

OK realtorFinding an outstanding realtor who knows the area well is what makes buying a house an exciting experience rather than a hassle. You should only choose a real estate agent that is ready to fully dedicate their efforts to you. As a realtor, I’ve personally been helping my treasured clients discover new dream-homes and sell their houses in this state for years, and I’m ready to help you now. Oklahoma is dear to me because it’s my home. Now, let’s make it yours.


The Oklahoma Realtor You Can Trust!

Many people get stuck with a home that they have had doubts about from the beginning. I pride myself on finding the perfect buyer-home match. As a truly professional realtor, my promise to you is to respect your requests, privacy and budget.  Sometimes, what a buyer wants and what they can afford keeps them from pursuing a home search. Your search ends here. Let me handle that for you.


A Real Estate Agent Can Help

Selling a home? Then you know how difficult it can be to achieve on your own, without the guidance of a trusted realtor.  A realtor can explain every option available to you, and then help you proceed accordingly. With many years of experience under my belt, I’ve become quite skilled at showcasing homes that the owners had once lost hope in. I’m confident that the right buyer is waiting for a house like yours to become available, and I’ll be ready to show them exactly why yours is a winner.


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The Dream Realtor for Your Dream House

A real estate professional that understands and supports your goals is not always easy to find. Realtors seem to be everywhere, but you can bet that there is only one Beth Atkinson! No other realtor in the area can honestly guarantee the personal attention and easy-going experience that I can. Contact my office at (405) 458-4707  today.

Let Beth Do The Rest!

Put yourself at ease by ending your search and let me take over for you. I am sure I can find the perfect house or buyer that your real estate situation needs. Here are three strong reasons why you should give me a call:


  1. I personally preview every lot that I advocate for. I know exactly what I’m offering and will not waste time on a fit that I know is not right for you.
  2. I am a full-time real estate agent. I literally deal with unique real estate situations every day. I know my way around the market and can answer your questions.
  3. I refuse to waste your time, or keep you guessing. Once an offer is made, I require a response within a timeframe of no more than 48 hours.


When you are ready to purchase or sell property, contact your new realtor at 405-831-6463 . Thank you for your consideration and time, I look forward to working as your realtor soon.


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